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Missions Made Possible is a non-profit agency that provides life guard and emergency relief flights for those in need of sudden transportation due to unfortunate health problems.

We are in a position to provide emergency response to cancelled flights due to weather or mechanical difficulty, and we are able to provide flights with very short notice.

Our "Life Guard" flights include transportation of transplant patients and/or patients with life threatening events.

Our "Humanitarian Missions" provide support and aid to emergency areas including transportation of blood plasma, medical supplies and/or emergency response personnel.

Our mission is to provide transportation to ambulatory patients throughout the South East United States on a emergency basis. 

We intend to maximize the above efforts through the use of several aircraft and volunteer pilots and support personnel where possible.

Our company seeks donations from the public through speaking engagements, fundraisers and through our website to meet the needs of these missions.

Through the donation of funds and corporate support, we will be able to fill more requests for these emergency flights, thus helping more people.

Every weekend, News 13 salutes the best of Central Florida with Everyday Hero. Shining the spotlight on someone who’s making a difference with their actions, their words, or their beliefs. The piece taped with Kenneth Guill will air this Sunday (February 17) every hour beginning/around at 5:45am until 4:45pm (barring breaking news or severe weather).

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The Yankees kicked off the announcement of this year's upcoming HOPE Week with a pregame ceremony on Thursday, honoring 73-year-old Ken Guill for his work in founding the non-profit humanitarian organization "Missions Made Possible."


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The Seventh Day Adventist Church wrote an article on what we do. Click the link to view the pdf of what they had to say.


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